Smart Cities

The 21st century is the century of cities. More and more people around the world are moving to ever larger metropolises. Their residents hope for better jobs, good infrastructure and a high quality of life. How can we live safely, environmentally friendly and economically efficient in cities now and in the future? One solution is networking and digitization.

In a smart city, modern technologies from the fields of energy, mobility, urban planning, administration and communication are networked in such a way that the quality of life for residents increases. In this way, processes in smart cities, from the search for parking spaces to the supply of electricity, run more efficiently and sustainably.

We set the pace for smart cities

Our products are easy to overlook because of their small size. And yet they are also important clocks in cities: in the center console of the car, the traffic light at the intersection, the parking guidance system of the parking garage, the smoke detector in the museum, the sliding door in the department store.

LoRa technology and LoRa WAN are now an integral part of the smart city and smart building concept. And we at GEYER Electronic support these new technologies with our products.

Products from GEYER Electronic, manufactured in-house, offer what is needed for use in smart cities: low power consumption, great insensitivity to weather, low tolerances and extreme insensitivity to vibration.

Application examples from practice

IoT tracking device for fleet management to increase fleet productivity; consumption optimization.

  • Solution from a single source for real time transmission
  • Particularly small modules for installation in vehicles

  • Extreme vibration insensitivity to shocks

  • Matched GEYER components: tuning fork crystal and quartz crystal

  • GEYER KX-327VT series clock crystal (1.25 | 1.05 | 0.5 mm): 32.768 kHz/12.5 pF for real-time transmission

  • Quartz crystal of the GEYER KX-7T series (3.2 | 2.5 | 0.8 mm): 8 MHz/12 pF

  • Special internal mounting of the quartz disc for vibration resistance

Fully automatic washing machine with programmable control and networking with LAN/WLAN
Goal: Reduce consumption and save energy

  • High temperature stability and precise tuning of the output frequency

  • Special accuracy in the frequency band to avoid frequency interference with other devices

  • Small, compact housing

  • Voltage-controlled, temperature compensated oscillator VCTCXO
  • Only 2 ppm tolerance over the temperature range

  • Small GEYER KXO-86 series package (2.5 | 2.0 | 0.7 mm): 24.0 MHz

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