Smart Building

A building is smart when systems and components are networked with each other so that processes can be controlled digitally.

Modern, intelligent buildings are mostly automated, energy-efficient, supply decentrally generated energy and are controllable in terms of electricity and heat use. Existing buildings can also become smart buildings as part of modernization and refurbishment projects.

We give energy efficiency the right beat

Our products can be found in a wide variety of designs in every smart building and ensure the function of the control and measurement instruments installed in them. Smart buildings supply decentrally generated energy and can be precisely controlled in terms of their consumption. In this way, we at GEYER Electronic are making our contribution to the big picture with the smallest components: the energy turnaround through greater energy efficiency.

Whether electricity meter or elevator – we supply precise frequency products for smart buildings

The talking refrigerator that reports missing food to the smartphone or the automatic sunrise through controllable blinds are just two small examples of the large field of smart building.

We produce frequency products for

  • Electricity- Water- Gas meter
  • Lighting controls
  • Access controls
  • Heating controls
  • Smoke detectors
  • Elevators
  • Shutter controls
  • Alarm and fire detection systems
  • Garage door controls

Our products can be found in actuators and controllers for

  • Air conditioners / heat pumps
  • Pumps
  • Memory boards
  • Valves
  • Ventilation
  • Switches

… as well as in intelligent data transmission systems (digital BUS systems)

  • KNX, LONWorks, DALI
  • SMI, MP-Bus, M-Bus
  • EnOcean

Application examples from practice

Digital electricity meter for use in wireless meter reading

  • Smallest possible housing in the industrial temperature range -40 °C to +85 °C

  • Low frequency tolerance for an operating period of >20 years

  • Lowest possible aging over the entire period of use

  • Quartz crystal from the GEYER KX-6T series (2.5 | 2.0 | 0.55 mm): 20.0 MHz/10 pF

  • 10 ppm frequency tolerance at +25 °C and 15 ppm tolerance over the temperature range

  • A total aging of max. +/-15 ppm over 20 years

Roller shutter control for light/shade control in the living area

  • Price optimized crystal circuit
  • Low frequency tolerance for a Radio Frequency (RF) application with narrow frequency band

  • Use in an adequate temperature range for the living environment
  • Quartz crystal from the GEYER KX-7 series (3.2 | 2.5 | 0.8 mm): 16.0 MHz/12 pF

  • 10 ppm Frequency tolerance at +25 °C

  • Use in the temperature range from -10 °C to +60 °C

Central temperature control in the living area

  • Intelligent heating system with thermostat and timer

  • Different control over 24 h and on weekends

  • Wi-Fi or Bluetooth control
  • Real Time Clock support
  • Clock crystal from the GEYER KX-327 NHT series (3.2 | 1.5 | 0.8 mm): 32.768 kHz/7 pF

  • The accuracy of a tuning fork quartz enabling Bluetooth control
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