A Christmas without telecommunications? Unthinkable. No call from grandma, no smartphone under the Christmas tree, no sending Christmas photos to friends and relatives via WhatsApp. Telecommunications means exchanging messages and information over a distance.

Modern telecommunications is getting faster and faster. We need them for our modern life, our economic system, for global trade, for technical achievements such as space travel, and for future trends such as autonomous driving, the Internet of Things (IoT), or Industry 4.0.

Global climate change and the energy transition pose challenges not only for the individual, but also for telecommunications.

As a supplier, we strive to support all new challenging applications.

Signal transmission in real time – even under difficult conditions

When we talk about telecommunication at GEYER Electronic, we are usually talking about sending and receiving signals from one device or system to another (receive-transmit), for example communication between routers, computers and the Internet.

Positioning systems such as GPS are also based on sending signals from satellites to receivers such as navigation systems, which can then calculate their own position and speed.
Many tracking devices contain our crystals and oscillators.

Frequency products are often incorporated into military radio direction finders or direction finding systems, which are mounted on land vehicles or worn directly on the body (manpack systems). They are lightweight, compact and extremely robust. This is especially crucial for military equipment, as it must be able to withstand all conceivable environmental influences and function even in difficult terrain.

Application examples from practice

Monitoring of persons in hazardous areas by cyclic checking of the data connection to the terminal devices with corresponding alarming and locating

  • Absolute reliability of the signal processing of the motion and position sensors

  • Transition from wired technology to SMD technology and assembly
  • Future proof housing

  • Quartz crystal from the GEYER KX-7 series (3.2 | 2.5 | 0.8 mm): 25.0 MHz/12 pF

  • Re-design with SMD oscillating crystal
  • The GEYER KX-7 series is today’s most popular and affordable new generation quartz series

Routing of service orders from hotel logistics systems to mobile service personnel

  • Real-time transmission of data for mobile devices
  • Small size

  • Low power consumption

  • Oscillator with the frequency 32.768 kHz
  • GEYER Series KXO-V96 (3.2 | 2.5 | 1.2 mm)

  • Power consumption of only 0.5 mA
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