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Lithium Ion Accus 3.7V





700 - 3350 mAh 

Cylindrical and Prismatic cells, rechargeable

- Superior and stable source of power concerning the high cell voltage
- Packs with nominal voltage from 3.6 to 66.6V and capacities to 40 Ah and above.
- Standard execution with protection circuit (PCB)
- Without PCB for systems with integrated safety circuit preventing overcharging
  resp. deep discharging
- Customary version of PCB, with integrated charging module
- PCB construction position on top or on side, as well as possibility of individual

NEW: Lithium-Ion Standard Pack with BMS incl. SMBus
assembled from cells of wellknown manufacturers and UL-recognized components, in shrink tube, with 150 mm cable and open ends. All packs are equipped with a customizedBMS, including SMBus communication, ensuring the greatest possible performance. All multi-cell packs have passive cell balancing.

The batteries are equipped with a "second level protection" and are therefore designed for certification according to IEC62133. The equipment of the standard packs enables a large amount of pack information, such as e. g. SOC, cycle count or error messages, to be read and processed. .

For easy implementation in your application, all batteries already comply with UN section 38.3 transportation test.

Lithium-Ion Standard Packs
We offer assembled Li-Ion batteries from cells of well-known manufacturers and
UL-recognized components.
All batteries (in shrink tube) are equipped with PCM and 150mm wire
For easy implementation in your application, all batteries already comply
with UN section 38.3 transportation test.
The custom-built PCM ensures high safety during operation.

Other sizes upon request.

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